B2B e-Marketplace prepared for
State-Owned and Regional Government
Owned Enterprises is a B2B e-Marketplace prepared for State-Owned and Regional Government-Owned Enterprises (BUMN/D) enabling innovative procurement processes with supplier partners that have quality products with competitive prices.

Xooply also provides innovative payment and Indonesia-wide delivery services, enhancing traditional procurement activities. The electronic trading and exchange platform is poised to create greater efficiency and transparency by consolidating the procurement of goods in more than 100 BUMNs, 250 BUMD and 200 Oil and Gas Contractors with Official Partnership Contracts (K3S) across Indonesia with a Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) spend of more than US$ 74 billion equivalent annually.

In another perspective, has the potential to enhance and strengthen the synergies between BUMN and BUMD as the Indonesian national economic backbone and develop their trading and exchange channels to regional and global markets. Unlike most e-Marketplaces that are mostly vendor-driven, optimizes spend information from the buyer’s perspective, therefore increasing the effectiveness of order, delivery, and payment.